Many people want to do yoga, but then the question arises about the lack of time, then they begin to do yoga at home. But after a couple of days, quit classes! There are many reasons, one of the main reasons is not the ability to choose a place and time!

How to make sure not to give up classes ?!


Ask yourself the question: “Why do you need yoga classes?”. Are you starting to practice yoga because it is fashionable? Then it’s better not to start, you’ll give up this idea anyway! Yoga is not physical education, yoga is life itself. Who begins to do yoga, in that life begins to change, acquire new colors!

If you want to change your life, then you are on the right track! At first it will not be easy, but then you will see how your life has changed, thanks to yoga!

If you have a thousand reasons not to do it, then you are not motivated enough and therefore you should think again, WHY DO YOU YOGA FOR ?!

Choosing a place to study

1. Choose the room where you are emotionally comfortable. If it is convenient for you to study in the kitchen, then study there.

2. To keep the room clean and dry, warm, as light as possible, but not very bright (dim light helps to calm the nervous system).

3. Try to make sure that you are not distracted by extraneous noise (phone ringing, loud noise from the street)

4. It is advisable to engage in at the same time and place, so that you develop the habit of a healthy lifestyle.

5. Make a plan when and at what time you can do what exercises are now available to you.


Choose a time for classes at your convenience, so that no one bothers you or distracts you. In the morning you can perform exercises that would contribute to awakening and a charge of energy. And in the evening, you need to perform those exercises that would help you relax and restore strength after work. The main thing is to stick to one execution time and regularity of exercises.

Systematic training

When you are just starting out, the regularity of your exercises is very important to you. By doing this you accustom your body to a healthy lifestyle, show how yoga favorably affects you and this is an additional incentive not to abandon classes! For example, you can do 30 minutes a day in the morning and in the evening, 2 times a week. Mark for yourself what you can do now, and what you will do in the near future.

If you started to do yoga to recover from the disease, then do not quit classes if you feel better or have recovered. The disease will remind of itself after a while and will have to start all over again.