The baby was born. You return from the hospital and understand that you do not fit into the things that you wore before pregnancy. Even if you did sports during pregnancy, your weight would still increase. There is nowhere to go. The main thing – do not panic! With the help of sports you can achieve significant results by setting yourself the goal of losing weight.

The question immediately arises of whether the sport will harm the baby during lactation? What sports can and cannot be practiced?

Exercise is very beneficial for women in the postpartum period. In order not to harm yourself and the baby, nursing mothers should carefully consider the rules of physical training. Be sure to monitor your well-being. If you feel unwell, stop training and consult your doctor.

The right attitude

Exercise only when you have the right mood for this. You should not play sports when you are very tired or upset by something (except in those cases when classes cheer you up).

When to start

How to get rid of the envy of girlfriends who quickly lost weight after giving birth? Of course, starting to engage in sports as early as possible, but given the features of his condition.

Experts recommend starting to do exercises with small loads already a day after childbirth. This is the so-called restorative gymnastics. If the birth was successful, naturally, there were no significant gaps, bleeding and other complications, you can safely proceed to gymnastics already in the hospital. Even before you get out of bed, you can do exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles (a nurse in the hospital helped me do these exercises).

The main gymnastic exercises (squats, body turns, bends, swings) can begin to be practiced two weeks after the birth of the baby, when the bloody discharge from the vagina decreases. During this period, you can also complicate exercises for the abdominal muscles and begin exercises to strengthen the chest.

An exception are women who underwent a cesarean section and who had severe tears. In such cases, consulting a gynecologist about sports is simply necessary.

How much time do you need to do, and how often

It is enough to play sports three times a week for half an hour a day to feel the results.

In addition, breastfeeding itself, thanks to the production of milk, already helps a woman burn up to 500 calories per day.