Asanas standing on hands:

Yoga for beginners and advanced! Yoga is power! Yoga is beauty! Yoga is purity! Yoga is health! Strength, beauty, purity and health of the body and soul !!! Yoga does not require you to be flexible, sleep on nails, or any other skills, it gives everything in the process of classes! Yoga classes are taught by the teacher of the International Open Yoga University, curated by the Internet Yoga Courses – Anna Molokhova

The main types of yoga: Hatha Yoga – Yoga of static poses; Kriya Yoga – Yoga of dynamic exercises; Mantra Yoga – Yoga of sound vibrations; Pranayama Yoga – Yoga of breathing practices.

Success in yoga will be achieved by anyone who can overcome his laziness. And it doesn’t matter whether he is young or old, sick, weak or even decrepit. If only his practice was persistent. (C) Hatha Yoga Pradipika

If you want to start doing yoga, then drop ALL doubts, and start TODAY! The best time is NOW! Life is not a draft, which can then be rewritten! Take responsibility for your happy life and health!

Yoga is a powerful, wonderful system of knowing ourselves and the Universe! Yoga gives us methods, practices that allow us to reveal the GREAT potential that is inherent in each of us. Yoga teaches us to lead, manage not only our body, but also our life. Using a wide variety of exercises from static poses, dynamic exercises, breathing practices, sound vibration practices, to mental exercises – meditations, we know ourselves, it’s better to begin to feel all processes as inside and outside! We have the Knowledge when and what will benefit us, and what will harm us. In practice, we are approaching our true, natural state – the state of HEALTH, HARMONY, JOY, HAPPINESS!