I came to Kundalini Yoga by chance, not planning to come there at all.

In the beginning I did hatha yoga, then Iyengar.

Sometimes I went to kundalini in my yoga center when classes were at a convenient time, not really delving into what it was and why.

Then she completely went to India, where kundalins lived in the neighborhood with our Iyengar party, and they were strange!

They dressed in white (and why all of a sudden?), Gathered in the evenings on the shore and sat in a circle (for sure, sectarians!), And all the time they smiled and seemed somehow distant (crazy!).

From this trip, the subject of kundalini was closed for me, and reopened only a couple of years later.

From a keen friend I learned about kriyas, about 40 days, and that there is kriya to any question in kundalini that will give you an answer and many bonuses like an increased level of energy, finding the meaning of life, your own path and feeling like a part of the Universe.

I never really understood what it means to be a part of the universe. And why this is needed, I also did not understand.

But I knew exactly what I needed.


At that time, there was a fear with me to stay without money, although there were no obvious reasons to be afraid. I worked, received a lot and regularly, it would seem, why panic?

But there was a panic. She had not let go for some time, and then that same friend appeared and said – yes you need to make kriya for the first chakra! She just disperses fears and instills confidence in herself. And at the same time, you’ll work on past injuries.

What, what kriyu? What kind of chakras?

Found some video. You can find it too – type in YouTube “maya fiennes kundalini muladhara”

In the description I heard the word “stability” and immediately understood – to me here.

Then the brain enters, and with the help of that very panic, it starts to convince me that this is not the time: we are on a business trip, work, night shifts, then moving, you won’t be engaged in the train, but at the airport, how, again, work, we we cannot do 40 days without a break, we have to interrupt and start all over again, we need to wait for the right moment … A complete set, in general. Thinking in this way, I spread a towel right in my hotel room (I didn’t have the yoga mat with me) and turned on the video.

Thus began our love with kundalini.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that I managed to do 40 days of the first chakra without interruption. And then another 40 days a second.