Photo: Nike Running Russia

Some five years ago, the only occupation in most Moscow parks was a walk: even treadmills were not provided everywhere. Today, citizens have something to do in the fresh air, and not only in large parks, like and: landscaped areas for sports and creativity appeared in every district of the capital.

The numbers help to assess the scope of the work done: this summer 10 football fields, 19 volleyball courts (including for beach volleyball), 14 basketball zones, the same number of tennis courts, 21 sections of board games and almost three dozen workout courts will be opened in city parks . Rental points for bicycles, rollers, scooters and, for the time being, less familiar vehicles – segways, longboards and golf cars – will operate daily in almost all parks of the capital (from and to). The site still offers a complete list of bicycle rentals operating in the city – almost a hundred points have already been accumulated on their map. In addition, Muscovites have several more options for organized recreation for the next three months.

Running training

A simple run in the park suddenly became a serious occupation, which needs a systematic approach – the number of responsible runners is growing exponentially. This season, six running clubs will work for them at once. Trainings in and take place under the supervision of Nike: on the company’s official website you can choose the appropriate format – on a territorial or thematic basis. There are options for beginners, “larks”, girls, those who want to run a marathon or learn how to develop maximum speed. All classes are free, only needed.

To become a member of Forest Runners’s club, you don’t even need to sign up in advance, just go for a run (they take place on Tuesdays at 19:00 and Sundays at 10:30), the group gathers in the parking lot near the FanFan kindergarten. His running club will also appear soon in Terletskaya Dubrava (Metallurgov St., 60a), the park at the Rainbow Ponds (16 Veshnyakovskaya St.) and – the schedule in these places is being agreed with the trainers, it is planned to conduct classes two or three times in Week.