Yoga is not gymnastics or acrobatics, as ignorant people often think. These are specific exercises aimed at increasing the elasticity of the body. The methodology of the ancient system of physical and spiritual culture consists in the adoption of certain postures. Yoga poses have a strong effect on the endocrine system, internal organs, and muscles. Initial exercises are available for people of any age, even with a minimum level of physical fitness. Yoga in the morning includes several simple poses and breathing exercises. From the first lessons, there is an increase in tone, vigor, and a way out of a state of stress. People who practice yoga are always calm and optimistic.

Hatha Yoga for Beginners

With regard to yoga, there are many prejudices. Many people think that this is an extremely complex set of exercises that are not available to everyone. Yoga is associated with religion. In fact, the doctrine, rooted in the sixth millennium BC, does not apply to any of the religions of the world. It involves spiritual and physical improvement for the purpose of healing. The system includes training, special tips on nutrition, hygiene, relaxation.

The modern world of physical education knows 12 types of traditional yoga and many modifications. Specialists recommend that beginners practice hatha yoga. This is the very first stage of learning, giving a person good physical health. Hatha Yoga prepares the beginner according to the principle of gradualness. Exercise will not overstrain, but will make the body flexible.