Yoga every day is becoming more popular in the modern world. If you are interested in hatha yoga for beginners, you can watch videos on the Internet resources and then repeat everything after the performing one, but truly correct performance of this ritual is possible only by feeling and realizing the depth and philosophy of yoga. According to legends, asanas were presented to people by the god Shiva. He gave about 8400 poses for the preservation of health and eternal youth. Today, only 850 of them are known. But one complex contains approximately 10, maximum 15 positions. This amount of asanas is considered sufficient.

Hatha Yoga Knowledge

For the correct performance of asanas, it is worth going through three stages. The first is acrobatic, there is no sensation load at this stage. At the second level, when familiarization with asanas has already passed and they are completed, you need to start warming up your body. This effect is achieved by concentration on the body. The third stage is aimed at launching internal bioenergies at heated points. After three stages, the action on the body of asanas begins. From that moment, the meaning of hatha yoga is realized.

In many schools, it is customary to combine the first pair of levels. The third – work with asanas – is aimed at paying attention to the Chakram.

Allocate a preparatory block – this is the name of the combined first two levels of asanas. The last level is considered to be energy. When practicing Yoga Hatha, it is preferable to conduct classes in the morning and evening hours, if possible, at any convenient time intervals. It is necessary to perform asanas after at least two hours after eating and at least half an hour before eating. During the asanas, you need to create comfortable conditions, it is not worth doing hatha yoga exercises while sitting on the hard floor. This will interfere with obtaining bio-energy and build the necessary images. To do this, use mats for gymnastics or mats used for sports.