Yoga classes
(Fig. 1, h). Starting position: you should stand upright, hands on hips, all muscles are relaxed. This is the only exercise that is performed without straining the muscles of the neck, but only with mental resistance to the direction of its movement and deep focus on the corresponding muscles (you should try to see them at work during the exercise and imagine how their power builds up). The main exercise is carried out taking into account four types of exercises for beginners: left-right, up-down, torsion, rotation. PFU-3 is completed by alternating tension of all the muscles of the body. In conclusion, we note that the effect on the body of the exercises will be complete only if when, after their completion, the following procedures are also performed: – pulling up on the socks (several times) with raising the arms up and down, followed by regular inspiration, exhalation is carried out – all is doused about the body with water at room temperature (for middle-aged people, cold pouring from a bucket is desirable) – – the whole body is rubbed (strongly) with palms (massage) from top to bottom (you can add to this – and clockwise), which stabilizes the “biofield” of the student – several warming exercises are done (at the practitioner’s discretion) to prevent cooling of the body; – a sheet or bathrobe is thrown onto the body to prevent cooling and illness. Then you should rest for a few minutes to consolidate the accumulated energy. In this case, it is advisable to avoid emotions, since an excess of new energy will increase the negative effect of the resulting nervous excitement – up to uncontrollable outbursts of anger, since the “biofield” remains very sensitive for some time – “loose”. If all the above requirements are observed and the final procedures are followed, you can be sure that PFCs will have a useful and effective effect on the student’s body. Such a “charging” of cosmic energy from the external environment will allow us to develop the latent reserves of the body and prepare it for various overloads * throughout the next working day or during active rest.