Power yoga for weight loss allows you to burn fat and form high-quality muscle mass. I offer a complex of yoga asanas for weight loss and study of all muscle groups.

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How does power yoga for weight loss?

Working in a power mode, we form high-quality muscle mass. The muscles in the body not only perform a motor function, they also participate in thermoregulation and help the heart push blood. The more you train your muscles, the better they cope with these functions.

Also, muscle loads contribute to the formation of the right amount of carbon dioxide in the body – its lack leads to narrowing of blood vessels and, according to some experts, hypertension. Hypocapnia (a condition caused by a lack of CO2) affects people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have little movement.

In addition, exercises in a power mode contribute to the production of somatropin and testosterone – hormones that contribute to the breakdown of fat. Thus, having formed high-quality muscle tissue, we will quickly get rid of body fat and gain a slender figure.

By the way, some girls avoid strength exercises because they do not want to build up their muscles too much. I mentioned in my article about why this should not be feared, and Alexey Vasilenko (s) wrote about this more than once.

I offer you a complex of asanas for the study of all muscle groups. Keep each pose until burning sensation in the muscles (but not less than 70 seconds) and another 10 seconds to achieve the desired effect.

Yoga exercises for weight loss

Rudrasana (Sumoist Pose)

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What we train: leg muscles.

How to do it: put your legs wider than your shoulders (70-90 cm), turn your feet to the sides, join your palms in the namaste (eastern salutation) in front of the chest. Get down, bending your knees to almost a right angle and turning your hips out. Make sure that your knees do not fall forward.

Virabhadrasana 1 (warrior pose)

What we train: muscles of legs and back.

How to do it: take a step forward, bend your front leg to a right angle and straighten your back without lifting your heel off the floor (you can turn the toe slightly to the side). Clasp your hands into fists, bend your arms and point your elbows back. Evenly distribute the body weight, not falling over your front leg, keep your torso perpendicular to the floor. Run the other way.