Recently, overseas yoga video lessons have become widespread. In our country, such practices are also becoming increasingly relevant: large traffic jams, workload at work or at home, a small amount of free time. All this deprives many people of the opportunity to make yoga practice regular. Recently, also becoming more and more relevant yoga online in real time, broadcast live.

Such opportunities are well suited for people who are considering how to start doing yoga at home from scratch. Their difference from the video complexes in the recording is that the participants have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions in the chat and receive answers on the air. Any person can join the broadcasts online, being in their apartment, in the country, on a business trip or vacation. You can receive yoga video lessons at home and engage with your favorite club teachers by connecting from anywhere in the world.

Our schedule now includes two types of classes. In the classes “Yoga in the morning” we perform yoga cleansing techniques: various types of breathing and kriyas (kapalabhati, uddiyana bandha, agnisara kriya, nauli). If you are not familiar with such names yet, our instructors will explain in detail and how to properly perform these exercises. In the lesson, we perform the morning complex of yoga “Surya Namaskar” – a complex of greeting the sun. This is a dynamic sequence of 12 asanas. With the help of this complex you will be filled with energy for the whole day. Also during the lesson, much attention is paid to