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Sarukhanova, E. Libraries and Health Saving / E. Sarukhanova // Culture of a healthy life. – 2009. – No. 5. – S. 33-38.

The topic of diversifying the functions of a modern library is relevant today and practically does not leave the page of professional printing. It seems that we ourselves are surprised at the colossal multifunctionality of the institutions in which we work. Libraries, primarily public ones, have long gone beyond the framework of a memorial, informational, cultural and leisure institution. Cultural, analytical, local history, ideological, pedagogical, socializing, enlightening, socio-rehabilitation, communicative, etc., can be safely added to library functions. The mission of a self-developing library focused on identifying socially significant problems of society and complicity in their solution is a requirement of new living conditions for municipal libraries.

Being in the context of social changes, capturing these changes and determining promising, strategic directions in your development, while remaining in the cage of socially significant institutions – this is the key to the successful development of the organization and wise management. As the director of the state special library for the blind, I would like to invite my colleagues to discuss the activities of the library as an accomplice to such a state-important matter as maintaining the health of the nation.

There is no need to talk about the importance of health for each of us and for the state as a whole. There is a need to reflect on the role of the library in promoting the philosophy of health conservation.

The impetus for writing this material for me was an article by Lyudmila Mishina, dedicated to the Zolotetsk Library of the White Sea Central Library of the Republic of Karelia, which took over the functions of the Health Center. Perhaps, library professionals will have an ambiguous opinion on the advisability of a gym in the library, the combination of their direct librarians …