Kundalini Yoga Workshops

In our yoga center there are yoga classes for people with different levels of training: yoga for beginners and classes for cultivators in yoga practice. We also offer unique wellness programs, for example, classes on an inversion simulator.

Yoga Classes for Beginners (Beginner Group)

Yoga for beginners includes the development of basic asanas and pranayam available at the initial stage. Yoga classes at the Point include a huge variety of exercises, stretch marks, asanas and pranayama, performed in active dynamic and static modes. Priority in yoga is given to mastering relaxation techniques, which uses breathing techniques and special relaxation exercises.

Briefly given are the basic concepts that exist in yoga, which students will have to face in the process of working with the body, information about healthy eating and cleansing.

Classes are held in small groups, are built taking into account the age and physical capabilities of the students and their interests, are lively and diverse.

The instructor explains and shows in detail how this or that asana is performed, monitors how you are doing, and, if necessary, corrects it. Yoga classes for beginners are built on the principle of gradual advancement from the simplest, basic asanas, to a more “advanced” practice. The regimen is quite intense, but quite capable of people leading an active lifestyle and not having serious diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. For an adequate “entry” into practice, it is better to practice at least three times a week.

Our yoga classes contribute to:

the development of the qualities necessary for a person in life — expanding the range of capabilities of the body — comprehensive development of the respiratory apparatus — cleansing and toning of internal organs.

Work with energy:

cleaning energy channels, removing muscle clamps and blocks, improving the body as a whole.