Yogamix is ​​the unifying name for several workouts from Ekaterina Buida. The basis in each of them is taken from yoga exercises, but by themselves they have different goals. So, a basis is a whole body training. Despite the fact that this is a lesson for beginners, you should have good flexibility to repeat after the trainer. […]

Hatha Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice. Her goal is physical harmony, a state of complete health. The sages believe that it is in this state that the body for a person is not a burden in the search for higher spiritual truths. Translated, “hut-yoga” literally means “the union of the Sun and the Moon,” that is, the system is designed to bring into unity the opposite principles that exist in a person. She is […]

Katerina Buida is a fitness trainer who is familiar with many areas of fitness, but in yoga she can be considered a real specialist. The video “yoga for beginners” is two small training sessions that will introduce you to the energy and philosophy of ancient Eastern practice. First of all, you will need to tune in to work with yourself. Get ready to concentrate on the work of your body and try to do so, […]

Ursula Carven is not just your personal online yoga coach (in fact, not a coach, but a California actress). She pays attention not only to physical development, but also to spiritual self-improvement. This is evidenced, in particular, by two of her videos, united by the name “Energy Yoga.” They are filled with calm, wisdom of the east, imbued with its atmosphere. Not a single person performing exercises […]

The atmosphere of this video is simply indescribable – it is worth watching at least for the sake of music, not to mention the complex that Buida gives us. One of the most famous business trainers in our country, Pavel Rakov, in his mega popular training for women with the saying “I’m smart, but I live like a fool” calls so-called […]